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You are enough

You are enough,
you have done enough
Enough is not perfect,
Yet perfect is not enough

Forgive them, forgive them now,
The people, the world, 
your thoughts and your mind.

Let it beat let it beat
your heart on your chest,
It is knocking so hard
So you let it play,
play a melody for you.

Let all of it free
Be kind not caring,
for you have cared enough.

All of it is enough
You are enough,
Set loose; hope.

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Welcome to my first Hindi post on this blog! For all the non-Hindi speakers, a translation is there in the end.

 मैं दीपक हूँ  
 मैं दीपक हूँ  
 तम तिमिर से ढके कमरे
 का मैं ही तो दिनकर हूँ
 मैं दीपक हूँ  
 मैं दीपक हूँ ।
 राग-द्वेष से भरे चित्त में
 शान्ति कर पाता हूँ  
 मैं दीपक हूँ  
 मैं दीपक हूँ ।
 क्रोध की ज्वाला को 
 आग से ही बुझाता हूँ 
 मैं दीपक हूँ  
 मैं दीपक हूँ । 
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The Unexplainable Feeling

Extremely sorry for not writing the previous week, I have my finals approaching so you might see some irregularities till mid march though I will try my best to upload. I apologize in advance. I present to you again one of poems:

 The peace giving scent of wet soil
 The violet sky,
 The strike of the lightning that disturbs the darkness.
 The little green droplets on the leaves
 And when they slide from them 
 Making a heavenly sound,
A little earthquake in a puddle.

And when the wind blows,
it carries the water like a horse, 
riding on the air...
 'Oh how can I explain, oh how can I
 The beautiful feeling in words?

 I don't know if anyone else feels that too,
 But I love when that feel comes,
 And no words can ever describe.
 That peaceful feeling,
Like a gentle blow on a fresh wound,
The feeling I get when it rains.

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The Cries Of A Crow

When I was in class 6th, I learnt from my general knowledge book that cuckoos do not build their own nests, instead lay their eggs in the nest of the crow. That was when I wrote a poem on this idea.

On the train of deep thoughts
 During the sleepless midnights, 
Did you ever wonder?
 Why he makes the ear piercing trills
 Why doesn’t he sing with a sweet voice?
 He is crying his fate,
 How he was made a fool
 And to save his infant,
 he was too slow.   

 You like the cuckoo, don’t you?
 But the moment you read the poem
 You will probably go all blue.
 The little cuckoo 
 Makes a plan
 In the crow’s nest she has a feast.
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What’s So Funny

Hey! Welcome to my first non-poem blog post. Before we proceed, please understand that this is not a rant but an observation.

As we all know, this is the era of memes; if you do not possess the ability to be funny, you may as well not exist in a conversation. We all can crack jokes, and we have been doing that since we started to speak. So however serious you are, you can joke.

Comedy is all about making fun of the problems in us and society but lately, it is also creating different problems and no, not about offending people. The best way to understand this is through an example. In a video entitled “Relatable Every Day Problems”, an actor is lying on the couch and using their phone when their grip loosens and the phone falls straight on their face. That’s it! Now obviously you are going to find it relatable, because it is every day life! I find this more of a meh…you would be actually laughing at the expressions of the actor maybe but not on the “problem”.

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Biology Is A Poem

Biology is a poem, 
People hate biology, 
With its twisted terms,
Its intricate art
They feel it's senseless
But a poem.

Beyond the terms
Lies an eye,
That sees every little detail
The beauty of creation itself
Biology is a poem.

Beyond "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"
It shows how small we are,
We all are cells
Yet how huge, that small is
Biology is a poem.

Radiant or dull,
the skin is still the same tissue
In all it is "Stratified squamous epithelium"
Yet it shows how unique we all are,
The twisted thread's from universe's frock,

Made of the fusion of something that was
To something that never was
In the whole empire of nature
There is something that is so different,
Something having the worth of dust in the universe,
But the dust so complex,
The dust so priceless.

Non living substances
Combine so beautifully,
To make anything else, but life
And life with such diversity.

With its catchy lines,
its complexity,
its simplicity
And its uniqueness,
Biology is a poem.

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Happy New Year 2021! Congratulations everyone for making through this!<plays champions by Queen> We all did well. Thank you to all the frontline workers and everyone who helped us survive the pandemic and give us emotional support, especially the memesters. Let us all enter 2021 as our better and grateful selves. Please let us not jinx this year! Now let’s get on with the poem which I am so happy to say is related to new year.

What is new year really?
Celebrating passing of some seconds
and coming of more.

Why do we long for it?
And why do we make resolutions
If we know they are going to be broken?

We see it as a new beginning,
We wish to leave all the madness behind,
Crawl away from its echo.

But it makes me wonder
Is every second dying
And a new one being born,
Is that... not a new beginning?

Well we can't get hold of
the dead body and
the body of the infant second
at the same time.

We hope to take hold
Of the next seconds perhaps,
Which makes me wonder again,
Why do we hope?

Hope is what keeps us going,
Hope is that little droplet
Which flows on the land,
trying to reach the eternal sea.

Hope is that distant light,
after the terrifying,
dark night.

But hope is not a mirage,
not impractical,
It is what makes the practical happen.

So hope humanity,
hope with all your might,
weep or beam;
But never ever lose
that thing which gleams golden out of the Pandora,
away from the evil,
helping to drive away the insanity,

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The Sun’s Voyage

Merry Christmas everyone! (We made cake) So I tried to have a christmasy poem, but couldn’t come up with one, so here is a happy poem.(The cake was nice)

 On the twenty-second call of the hen,
 And the fifth roar from the den,
 Uncountable horses of the sea,
 Pulls the grand chariot of Apollo,
 As the dawn comes by.
 Birds sing cheerfully,
 As if they were signaling,
 The mermaids to greet the sun with a 'hi'.
 He passes a flying kiss to the beach,
 As the sand starts to glow.
 He thanks the sea,
 By gifting some shells.
 Clouds move with him like bodyguards,
 And he wishes a happy life for his wards,
 a happy life of his solar family.


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The Lost Astronaut

I remember the day I wrote my first poem, at the last page of my Sanskrit Notebook, when I was in Vth grade. Being my first poem, it is very close to my heart, so I want it to be my first poem on my blog too.

 Drifting away
 seeing the precious blue planet
 just hoping if the situations were in the way
 little by little going away
 Anger and love both in his eyes
 Anger, for the space suit maker who wasn’t wise
 The love for his planet, the love for his child
 Fearing that will he go in the outer space wild
 The shine in his eyes slowly goes away
 as the sight of the planet is not now in the way.
 The lost astronaut he is
 the forgotten man,
 he went to find life in space
 but lost his life in the space game.
 The lost hero
 the lost astronaut 
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Welcome to the “Poems of a young girl”! ( God! I so wanted to say that with some party poppers and intricate bowing) So, however you have come to my blog, maybe you are a known acquaintance or someone browsing through word press… or you could be someone from the future who is seeing the first blog post of the famous Anushka Jain. (Which is my name btw, so hello from India!) Anyway, this is my blog. I would mostly write my poems, which I started out when I was 10. Since the name of my blog is “Poems of A Young Girl” it does not mean I would be limited to only poems. I would try to expand myself into other aspects of writing-short stories,rants, personal views on stuff and who knows! I would post every Friday or Saturday. Continue reading “Hello!”