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Biology Is A Poem

Biology is a poem, 
People hate biology, 
With its twisted terms,
Its intricate art
They feel it's senseless
But a poem.

Beyond the terms
Lies an eye,
That sees every little detail
The beauty of creation itself
Biology is a poem.

Beyond "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"
It shows how small we are,
We all are cells
Yet how huge, that small is
Biology is a poem.

Radiant or dull,
the skin is still the same tissue
In all it is "Stratified squamous epithelium"
Yet it shows how unique we all are,
The twisted thread's from universe's frock,

Made of the fusion of something that was
To something that never was
In the whole empire of nature
There is something that is so different,
Something having the worth of dust in the universe,
But the dust so complex,
The dust so priceless.

Non living substances
Combine so beautifully,
To make anything else, but life
And life with such diversity.

With its catchy lines,
its complexity,
its simplicity
And its uniqueness,
Biology is a poem.

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