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Celebrating 100 followers!

What I do is all words but seriously, what the absolute fucking fuck? This is mad. THANK YOU SOOO SOO SO MUCH! Actual, hundred follows, like, two zeroes. This is so so good! Thank you so much for supporting me.

Now I could go on and on with the gratitude (and don’t get me wrong I am very very grateful) but that would be just boring and it’s not a celebration here without a challenge! I love doing and giving challenges. Sooo what are we doing this time around?

It’s simple. Here, at Poems of A Young Girl, we believe that poetry can start conversations. So you send me a poem, and I write a response to it in the form of a poem. It could be yours or someone else’s, it could be someone from WordPress; provided you get their due permission and give them a link to here (what a fun way to promote everyone’s blog!) or some other published popular or underrated poem, just, any poem. Hell, it could even be one of my old poems or that poetic song or rap that you’ve been thinking about! You may also give some feature you would like to see in the response.

Just remember that this is not a one liner prompt like last time, it’s a reply, to another poem. You can send as many poems (or the poetic songs and raps) as you like if you think I can do justice to writing a response to it. Please send it by 20th May by commenting and linking it here or filling my contact form.

YAYYY I am so excited! Thanks again for the 100 follows! Go on then, send your responses!


A young poet, deeply inspired by Maya Angelou. Books, poems, a good series and coffee are my fam. My dream is to eat chocolate on the moon while watching an earth I changed. Climate Activist 💚, If you say something about Doctor who, I might kill you.

11 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 followers!

  1. Wowie wow wow. One hundred. (107 as of this comment) That’s a great accomplishment. And it only took you, what, a year and a half? That’s amazing. I’ve been doing this for nearly seven years (blogaversary’s almost here!!!) and I juuuuuuuust got a hundred followers myself. So, congrats, girl. That is something to be proud of. So, since I like your challenges so much, here you go:

    Here’s a F&#*$&#*ing Poem For Ya
    by StarNinja

    I’m a F*#$&%*ing Riddle.
    I lay it on thick like Tom Hiddles playing the motherhumpin’ fiddle.
    I dance and I chance an encounter with a counter doing math on a submarine.
    I keep it cool, bend the rules, do my moves and I keep it clean.
    I’m going out like a cactus that needs a haircut,
    Filling every prescription for mean like an air hub.
    Prickly nature? Yeah, I prickle for fun, yo.
    But on the inside I’m soft and gooey like Play-Doh.
    Am I sweet? Meet and greet, sugar feet, cuz I got these rhymes on fleek.
    I’m an ordinary, singulary everyday thing.
    I’m a wondrous universal song that you sing.
    I’m big and small, short and tall
    Round, flat, curved and straight, like a ball.
    What am I?

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    1. Thank you soo soo much! Honestly, you are the most underrated blogger, nay, writer I’ve ever come across and I have come across many all right. AAA I am so hyped about your blogversary! Can’t wait!

      What the actual, you seriously— is that, a, rap…I have to write a reply to in the form of a poem? Is this revenge for the riddles? Okay then, off to figuring this one out.
      (How does a counter do math on a submarine— nevermind I’ll figure it out)

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  2. Congrats to my dearest apprentice!!🎉 Way to go gurl!❤ The Victorian Witch is SO proud of you! For the challenge, I’ll leave you an ancient poem that I wrote back in the dark age. Here you go


    The roses bleed,
    Tears of pain.
    It’s crimson beauty,
    A hideous stain.
    A heartbreak macabre,
    Cold chaos adorns.
    Welcoming you,
    To garden of thorns.

    Congrats again, love🖤

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